I'm story driven. I want the story to be the core,  

and if I can tell it with the help of amazing images it becomes so much more.
I'm Eric. I'm a director, director of photography & motion designer. And I also shoot photography.

The short story of me is that I grew up in Belgium, my passport says that I'm Swedish, but I tend to feel more Belgian. I honestly thought that I would grow up to become some sort of marketing manager/CEO for some big corporation. Then I picked up my first DSLR on a trip to NYC, snapped some pictures that in my mind were award-winning photographs (they weren't) and at that moment my focus changed.

I'm always happy to hear from people. So for whatever reason you are contacting me I'll respond as quick as I can.
In the meantime please feel free to stalk me on the following sites.
Twitter / Facebook / Instagram /  hello@erickarlsson.com

Silverägg (Silver egg) in Innovation - Filmtegration

Guldägg (Golden egg) in Audio - Broadcast without borders
Guldägg (Golden egg) in Direct - IKEA Retail Therapy
Silverägg (Silver egg) in Audio - The Ear Beer
Silverägg (Silver egg) in PR - IKEA Retail Therapy
Silverägg (Silver egg) in Innovation - Broadcast without borders
Silverägg (Silver egg) in Digital - IKEA Retail Therapy
Silverägg (Silver egg) in Mobilt - Broadcast without borders
100W Konsument kampanj: IKEA Där livet händer
75W Konsument singel: IKEA Retail Therapy
75W Årets Nytänk: IKEA Retail Therapy
Winner - Webby Awards - IKEA Retail Therapy
Winner - Webby Awards - IKEA Perceptive Banners
Gold in Experiential Radio - One Show - Broadcast without borders
Bronze in Innovation radio  - One Show - Broadcast without borders
Silver in Direct Marketing - One Show - IKEA Retail Therapy
People's Choice - Webby Awards - IKEA Retail Therapy
Bronze key in Guldnyckeln - 3D Audio Song
Diamond key in Guldnyckeln - IKEA Retail Therapy
Gold key in Guldnyckeln - IKEA Retail Therapy
Silver key in Guldnyckleln - The Ear Beer
Bronze Lion in Cannes Lion - IKEA Retail Therapy
Isaac Awards Gold - Refugee Phones "Broadcast without Borders"
Guldägg (Golden Egg)  - Singing Sailor
Silverägg (Silver Egg) - Singing Sailor
Cresta Gold in Radio -  Refugee Phones "Broadcast without Borders"
Cresta Gold in Ambient Media -  Singing Sailor
Cresta Bronze in Promotion - Refugee Phones "Broadcast without Borders"
Cresta Bronze in Outdoor - Singing Sailor
Clio Awards Bronze - Refugee Phones "Broadcast without Borders" + Short list
Epica Awards Silver in PR - Refugee Phones "Broadcast without Borders"