I'm story driven. I want the story to be the core,  

and if I can tell it with the help of amazing images it becomes so much more.
I'm Eric. The short story of me is that I grew up in Belgium, my passport says that I'm Swedish, but I tend to feel more Belgian. I honestly thought that I would grow up to become some sort of marketing manager/CEO for some big corporation. Then I picked up my first DSLR on a trip to NYC, snapped some pictures that in my mind were award-winning photographs (they weren't) and at that moment my focus changed.

I strive to create content where the story is at the core and then I try to amplify that story with beautiful footage.  I love to hear people's stories, create my own adventures and with the help of my cameras create film & photographs that people can connect with.
I'm always happy to hear from people. So for whatever reason you are contacting me I'll respond as quick as I can.
In the meantime please feel free to stalk me on the following sites.
Twitter / Facebook / Instagram /  hello@erickarlsson.com

Guldägg (Golden egg) in Audio - Broadcast without borders
Guldägg (Golden egg) in Direct - IKEA Retail Therapy
Silverägg (Silver egg) in Audio - The Ear Beer
Silverägg (Silver egg) in PR - IKEA Retail Therapy
Silverägg (Silver egg) in Innovation - Broadcast without borders
Silverägg (Silver egg) in Digital - IKEA Retail Therapy
Silverägg (Silver egg) in Mobilt - Broadcast without borders
Gold in Experiential Radio - One Show - Broadcast without borders
Bronze in Innovation radio  - One Show - Broadcast without borders
Silver in Direct Marketing - One Show - IKEA Retail Therapy
People's Choice - Webby Awards - IKEA Retail Therapy
Bronze key in Guldnyckeln - 3D Audio Song
Diamond key in Guldnyckeln - IKEA Retail Therapy
Gold key in Guldnyckeln - IKEA Retail Therapy
Silver key in Guldnyckleln - The Ear Beer
Bronze Lion in Cannes Lion - IKEA Retail Therapy
Isaac Awards Gold - Refugee Phones "Broadcast without Borders"
Guldägg (Golden Egg)  - Singing Sailor
Silverägg (Silver Egg) - Singing Sailor
Cresta Gold in Radio -  Refugee Phones "Broadcast without Borders"
Cresta Gold in Ambient Media -  Singing Sailor
Cresta Bronze in Promotion - Refugee Phones "Broadcast without Borders"
Cresta Bronze in Outdoor - Singing Sailor
Clio Awards Bronze - Refugee Phones "Broadcast without Borders" + Short list
Epica Awards Silver in PR - Refugee Phones "Broadcast without Borders"