One for the road is a short inspirational documentary about Chris and Stu. Two brothers who love riding their bikes. My first encounter with Chris was on a trip we did up to Dalarna in Sweden in April of 2015. He cycled from Uppsala to Husvallsgölen. A 350 km long ride in dodgy weather. What amazed me and later inspired me to want to make a film about Chris and his bike was his mood when I first met him. He was so happy and full of energy after those 350 km and that amazed me. So we decided that we should head over to Norway and do a longer trip. So we started planning and came up with a 900 km route from Trondheim to Kristiansand. This is our story about cycling and going on an adventure with your friends, over mountains, through valleys, next to amazing fjords and a whole lot of rain. Enjoy!